Welcome on the pages of de-poort.com. ‘De poort’, being Dutch for ‘the gates’, is just what it says, a gate to a different world. A world of harmony and beauty, where skill and craft go together with respect for nature, life and history.

In this way we are proud to introduce you to our passion, the old craft of the village cartwright. It is there that De Poort has a unique position. This is because it directly had its roots in the 16th century country of Flanders, a country which was at that time probably at the top of the agricultural development, with many foreigners visiting it in order to copy its success.

The ‘Flemish boerenwagen’ for long the family’s proudest product dates from this era, and was never exactly copied by another cartwright.

Therefore we still have the knowledge to build all these objects, unlike many cartwright’s that learned it from books or even guessing how to do it. They even manage to expose their weaknesses in their own websites. If you want to learn more about that, please refer to our general pages. Because of this and because we also possess the old equipment and machinery, we can produce these items at very fair prices that not yet any other company has been able to do.